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Benefits of membership in the PSSA

Membership includes:

Annual Directory with over 22 suppliers- 18 carnivals- and contact information for all PSSA members.
Plus three Newsletters every year.
The PSSA works in close cooperation with the Association of County Fairs to sponsor the annual Fair Convention in Hershey with representatives from 100 PA fairs and a trade show with over 150 booths. WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO NETWORK!
The PSSA officers and board of directors work closely with Government representatives in Harrisburg to make PA a friendly place to work.
PSSA has a top safety ride inspection program and offers a seminar every year.
Through the fundraising efforts of our members we offer four scholarships every year.

To our current members “EVERY MEMBER GET A MEMBER”

To those who don’t belong – now is the time to join

PSSA Membership Application

To apply for membership, print the for below or

Click here to print the 2020 PSSA Membership Application
Note: one year dues are now $35.00 And $90.00 for a 3 yr.

and send with your dues to: 
PA State Showmen's Assoc. 
P.O. Box 5 
New Tripoli, PA 18066

In Applying for membership in the P.S.S.A., I do hereby agree to abide by the laws of the constitution of this Association, in so far as they pertain to me personally and to work towards those ends and purposes which will best serve the interests of all members. 

Name: ____________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
City, State
Zip Code:
Email Address: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Date: ____________________________________
Business Name: ____________________________________
County Twp.: ____________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________________________
Do you belong to any other Showmen's Club or Auxiliary?
Yes    No
In what capacity are you allied with Show Business? 
Carnival Owner
Carnival Employee
Allied Industry
Direct Sales
Food Concessions
Games Concessions
Junior Member
Booking Agent
Ride Owner
Have you ever been denied membership in this organization or in any other Showmen's Club or been dropped from the same?
Yes    No

As a member, I intend to vote in the ________________
Chapter of the State. (insert one, Eastern or Western) 

I hereby enclose: 
2020 Regular Dues - $35.00 
2020 - 2022 Regular Dues - $90.00 
2020 Junior Membership- Age 16 & 17 - $15.00 

Signature of Applicant


Pennsylvania State Showmen’s Association P.O. Box 5 New Tripoli, PA 18066
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